Your lease obliges you to maintain your apartment in a good state of repair and cleanliness over the entire course of your tenancy. From time to time, plumbing, appliances, or electrical hardware in your apartment may need repair. When this happens, you must inform the Residence Office of the required maintenance by filling out a Work Order online or at the Residence Office.


Energy Efficient light bulbs have been installed in your unit free of charge. When a light bulb burns out, please bring it to the Residence Office, room 102, for a replacement during business hours.

After-hours access to replacement bulbs: To get a replacement bulb after business hours, call building security at 416-729-1592. They will make arrangements to meet you at the Residence Office, room 102, to supply you with a new bulb. Please ensure to bring your old bulb in exchange for a new one.

Online Maintenance Request System

This online system is for submitting non-emergency maintenance requests online.

There is a basic pictograph of items in your apartment that may need repairing, please use it as a guide if you are unfamiliar with the terms.

Work Order Forms

If the student resident is unable to place the maintenance request online, Work Order Forms must be submitted during regular office hours. The Work Order form will detail the repairs that need to be done based on your description. Repairs are normally completed within 48 hours of submitting the form, provided the parts are available. If you are uncomfortable giving our maintenance staff blanket permission to enter your apartment to make repairs, you may request to arrange a specific time with the office staff. Please note special arrangements may delay the progress of the work being done.

Work Order Follow-Up

If our maintenance staff cannot carry out repairs, more time may be needed to contract outside trades people (e.g., plasterer, plumber, electrician, etc.) to carry out the necessary work. Also, outdoor repairs may be delayed due to weather conditions. Work orders may be followed up with a phone call from the Residence Office in order to monitor the quality of the repairs completed. Please contact the Residence Office if you feel that urgent or important work has been completed unsatisfactorily.

Urgent Repairs (Plumbing, Electrical or Appliance concerns) 

Maintenance emergencies are dealt with on a 24-hour basis. Non-emergency repairs are dealt with from 7:00 am to 11:30 pm daily (Statutory Holidays excepted).

During regular office hours, please call 416-978-8304 or go directly to the Residence Office on the main floor of 35 Charles Street West, Suite 102.

Between 7:00 am and 9:00 am and between 4:45 pm and 11:30 pm, please page maintenance at 416-501-2966.

Between 11:30 pm and 7:00 am, contact building security on the Security site cell phone at 416-729-1592.

The following are examples of what are deemed to be emergency maintenance calls:

  • Floods (other than those a resident can stop)
  • Loss of electrical power in a unit
  • Loss of heat in a unit
  • Water entering a unit
  • Parking garage door malfunction

Tenants’ Insurance – What is it?

Tenants or Renters’ Insurance provides coverage for your personal property in the event it is stolen, unintentionally damaged or destroyed. It may also provide financial protection or liability coverage in case you unintentionally injure someone or damage their property.

Why Do I Need Tenants’ Insurance?

If your personal property is stolen, unintentionally damaged or destroyed, your landlord’s insurance does NOT provide coverage! Whether you have a little or a lot, you’ll want to protect your personal belongings. In the event of a serious loss where you are forced out of your home (like a major fire), Tenants’ Insurance will provide you with Additional Living Expenses to cover the extra cost of temporary accommodation while your claim is being settled and repairs are done.

Elevators – Sudden Stopping

WARNING – excessive movement by passengers (jumping, dancing, bouncing, etc.) while the elevator is in motion will cause automatic shutdown that will require a Technician (arrival time of 30 minutes or more) and a $300.00 charge which may be passed on to the persons found responsible.


In case of a fire, activate the red pull station located at every exit in the building and then call 911.