Laundry Rooms

Both 30 and 35 Charles St. W. have laundry rooms. Residents have access to only the laundry room in their respective building:

At 30 Charles St. W., the laundry room is located on the 3rd floor, to the right of the elevators;

At 35 Charles St. W., the laundry room is located on the 2nd floor, to the left of the elevators.

If you notice that a washer/dryer is out of service or find lost laundry cards, please contact the Residence Office.

Hours of Operation

The laundry rooms are open 8:00 am – 12:00 am (midnight) daily.


Your laundry rooms are equipped with Maytag front and top-load washers and dryers, the ultimate in laundry equipment.

For best results it is recommended that you use only high efficiency liquid detergent in the front load washers. If you use powder detergent, do not use more than ¼ cup. Do not place the powder soap in the dispenser but rather on top of your clothes prior to the washer door being closed.

When using the washing machines, some residents are using too much soap (the low line on the cap should be used) or adding soap to the bleach and/or fabric softener compartment.

Over using soap will not make the clothes cleaner, instead it will shut down the machine with an error code. Adding soap to the bleach or fabric softener compartment will do the same. This results in fewer machines that can be used until the technician is dispatched to our site.

Please wipe out the machine you have used to remove anything that may have fallen out of pockets, and to get rid of pet hair that may be left behind.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

For addtional information see complete instructions.

Payment System

The machines operate on a laundry card system. One laundry card is given to each unit – no fee or deposit is required. If a card is lost or damaged, there is a $20.00 fee for replacement and this is non-refundable even if the card is found at a later date.

The card must be returned to the Residence Office upon vacating or a $20.00 charge per card will be applied to your closing account. In the future, additional cards may be available for purchase – the cost for an additional laundry card is $20.00, non-refundable. Please treat your laundry card like cash. If it’s lost, not only have you lost the card, but you will also lose the remaining value on it. In addition, an administration charge of $20.00 will be applied to your closing account upon vacating if the card is not returned.

In order to load value to your card you will need to use the Reload Centre located in your laundry room. The Reload Centre accepts $5, $10 and $20 bills and the maximum amount that your card can store is $50.00. Make sure you do not remove your laundry card until the transaction is completed. Also note this unit is only used to reload laundry cards. When you insert your laundry card into the washer and dryer, the display will show you the value available. If you do not have enough value on your laundry card to activate the machine, you will have to add more value by using the card Reload Centre.


The laundry rates are as follows:

Speed Queen:

  • Hot water wash – $2.60
  • Warm water wash – $2.35
  • Cold water wash – $2.10
  • Additional wash time (8 minutes) – $0.25
  • Dry Cycle (30 minutes) – $1.30
  • Additional dry time (10 minutes) – $0.40

LG Oversize Washer:

  • Hot water wash – $3.90
  • Cold/warm water wash – $3.65
  • Delicate wash (shorter cycle) – $3.40