Your apartment has ventilation grills in the kitchen and bathroom which are designed to pull steam, smoke, and odours out of your apartment and to draw heat from your heating radiators. One of the grills is on the wall near the ceiling in the kitchen and the other is on the ceiling of the bathroom. They often become clogged with dust and grease.

Clean the ventilation grills to improve the circulation of air and heat in your apartment. Do not tamper with these grills: blocking them will result in increased humidity, leading to heavy winter condensation on window frames, and damage to plaster and paint and a colder apartment during the winter. 

Blocking your washroom vents may cause build-up of mould and mildew. Inadequate ventilation will also cause your smoke detector/alarm to respond to minor kitchen steam.

The design of the ventilation systems in the buildings is such that fresh air is pumped in from the outdoors 24 hours per day, heated (in winter), and pumped into the building corridors. As air is removed from your apartment through the ventilator grills, fresh air will replace it by passing under and around your apartment door (see diagram).

Some residents feel a draft around their door and therefore weather strip the cracks, thereby destroying all ventilation to their apartment, cutting off the supply of fresh air, and often causing damage to plaster and paint. The draft at your door is warm and necessary; drafts at your windows should be reported to the Residence Office for repair.

Contact the Residence Office with any concerns about heating or ventilation in your unit.

If your apartment is cold, let us know! We will come and take temperature readings and look for things that may be affecting the temperature, such as proper functioning of the radiators, air vents, and more.