Light Bulbs

All electricity, or hydro, costs are included in your rent. Light bulbs should be in place when you move in and you are asked to leave them in place when you leave. Replacement bulbs can be obtained from the Residence Office. Please bring your old bulb with you for exchange for a replacement energy efficient CFL bulb. Note: If the old bulb has been damaged by the resident, rather than simply burning-out, a fee will apply equal to the cost of the replacement bulb.

In 2008, we completed a lengthy project to replace all incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient CFL bulbs. This work has made a considerable reduction in energy consumption and is part of efforts across campus to make all buildings as efficient as reasonably possible.

Breaker Panel

Your apartment’s electrical power is fed from the electrical panel concealed behind a small metal door, which is usually located in the wall of your hall closet, storage room or kitchen.

We no longer have fuse boxes as these have been replaced by a breaker panel. This version has small black switches which can ‘trip’ when they become overloaded. If a breaker ‘trips’, it can be easily reset by switching it back to the on position, much like a light switch.

Have you suddenly discovered a power loss in one or more areas of your apartment? Most likely a breaker has tripped. This is especially likely if you have been using two or more appliances simultaneously (e.g. hair dryer, toaster, microwave, etc.) In this case, you will simply need to reset the appropriate breaker switch.

Energy Conservation

Electricity is the second greatest recurring annual expense at Student Family Housing. Any increase in the cost of electricity is paid for by residents, reflected in rent increases, so it is in the interest of residents to keep electricity costs to a minimum. Apart from the added bonus of keeping rent rates down, energy conservation helps our environment. Canada is one of the highest energy consumers in the world.

Some recommendations for reducing energy costs are:

  • Turn off lights in rooms not in use.
  • Turn off computers not in use.
  • Turn off televisions that are not being watched.
  • Do not leave air-conditioners on when you are out of the home (air-conditioners can be very costly because they consume a lot of energy).
  • Report water loss such as a leaky tap to the Residence Office—a dripping tap wastes huge amounts every day!
  • Do not use your oven as a heater for the apartment! This is a huge energy waste. If your apartment is cold, please contact the office and ask them to come to your unit to assess the situation. They will take temperature readings and look at whether there are problems that need maintenance.