Who We Are

The Residence Life Education & Communication Team is made up of one full-time Residence Life Coordinator, Education & Communication, and seven part-time Residence Advisors. The University Family Housing Charles St. location is divided into seven communities, each with its own Residence Advisor, who is a resident of University Family Housing and a U of T student.

When to Contact Us

We are here to help!  We encourage you to contact us if:

  • You have any questions/concerns about life at University Family Housing.
  • You could use support with a difficulty you are facing in your life.
    • We can help you deal with challenges by referring you to appropriate resources and professional services offered by U of T and the wider community.
    • Information you share with us will be treated with the utmost respect and will not be released to other residents or members of the public; if necessary, information may be shared with other staff.
  • When you have an ongoing complaint or neighbour concern. It’s still essential to start with a Security report if it’s a noise or a smoking complaint, but the RA or RLC can work towards finding a longer term solution once the reports are gathered. Please contact your RA if your ever hesitant about who should be contacted in a particular situation.

How to Contact Us

1. By email (see chart above)
2. By Zoom appointment (please email an RA to arrange an appointment)