Education & Communication

The Education & Communication Team works alongside the Community Development Team to enhance your residence life experience by creating an inclusive, supportive, and engaging residence environment. The Communications Team offers you a number of valuable services including educational & social events, bulletin board communications, a way to get information/share concerns about living at Student Family Housing, and support with any difficulties you may be experiencing in your life.

For any questions or concerns regarding your residence life experience, please contact Helen Reddy Katz, Residence Life Coordinator, Education & Communication at 416-978-1273 or

Community & Recreation

Community & Recreation brings residents, their families and neighbours together through such events like Earth Hour, Annual Resident Garden Party, the FreeStore, Halloween Haunted House and many regular programs. The Community Development Coordinator is always engaged with residents looking to improve the experience of everyone at Charles Street. For reminders of events and other helpful student family tips from Residence Life, follow us on Twitter.

For any questions regarding the community, recreation, programs or other related events, please contact Maureen Lynch, the Residence Life Coordinator, Community & Recreation Residence Life Coordinator at

Activities Gallery

View the photo galleries for Residence Life at Student Family Housing including regularly scheduled activities, one-time trips and and community-wide events.

Conduct/Behaviour in Residence & Personal Safety

We expect that all residents will behave politely and respectfully to other members of the community, including other residents, their guests, staff, maintenance, cleaners and other contractors.

We likewise expect that you will be treated politely and with respect.

If at any time you are threatened or experience assault, verbal assault, or sexual assault, please immediately contact Security or Campus Police for assistance.  You may also wish to go online to for an extensive list of resources available.