February 26, 2021

February 26, 2021

Weekly updates for Student Family Housing residents:

Residence Office and Admissions.

This a friendly reminder that the office is closed during the pandemic to reduce health risks to residents and staff. We are still here to help, but for the health and safety of all, please do not come to our offices unless instructed to do so by a staff member. Office staff will not be answering the door unless an appointment has been arranged. For assistance, please call the Residence Office on 416-978-8304 or charles.street@utoronto.ca.

For eligibility concerns or lease information please contact the Admissions at 416-978-8049 or apply.familyhousing@utoronto.ca.

If you need to deliver cheques, forms and notices please use the secure drop box outside of the Residence Office – suite 102. If you are not sure please call or email ahead of time. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this health emergency and stay safe.

Security. Our Security staff continue to be available 24/7 via phone at 416-729-1592. If your security concern requires any type of follow up, please leave the guard a phone number to contact you, to avoid face-to-face interactions where possible.

Locker Access Hours. In order to balance the tasks Security is responsible for and optimize their presence in the buildings, there have been a few changes to the locker access times.  Please take a moment to review the following updated schedule of locker access times, and share it with your family members:

Mondays: 7pm – 11pm
Tuesdays: 5pm – 11pm
Wednesdays: 7pm – 11pm
Thursdays: 7pm – 11pm
Fridays: 7pm – 11pm
Saturdays: 5pm – 11pm
Sundays: 5pm – 11pm

Security can be contacted at 416-729-1592.  Depending upon demand at that time, there could be a short wait for locker access; please take this into consideration when making arrangements.

Residence Reminders and Updates

Playground Project and Drawings. Last day to submit entries is March 1st! University Family Housing will be seeking proposals for enhancements to our existing playground located at 35 Charles St W. We want to provide a welcoming and improved local play experience for children and will explore creating a new modern updated play area that will replace the existing structure, new sandbox area, new and improved seating and a higher metal fence.

We know how important this playground is to our student family community – to both our children and the families that congregate within the playground. It is important that we hear from our community as suggestions and recommendations will help us during the initial design process. To get our children involved, we will be asking them to draw their dream playground; we’ll share submissions via social media and have a draw for three Indigo gift cards. Submissions can be sent to sfh.reslife@utoronto.ca by March 1st, 2021. Following this, we’ll be releasing a survey so that children and parents can share some additional information about what they like about the current playground, what they would like to see improved, and why they enjoy visiting the playground in general.

This is an exciting initiative, and we look forward to compiling all the creative drawings and suggestions from our community so that we can deliver a new and improved space that our student families will enjoy for years to come.

Construction Project Updates. For ongoing information on the construction project that will soon begin at 30 Charles/730 Yonge, please visit the construction project updates section of our website.

Smoking in Residence. In recent months there has been a great increase in smoke complaints in our buildings. This is not acceptable, and we are working to identify units involved, as this is in violation of the lease agreement. If you are smelling smoke, please notify security, as well as emailing your RA or sfh.reslife@utoronto.ca. The residence life team will ask further questions to try to identify the offending apartment, with the help of any evidence provided by security. Following both these steps is essential to identifying the issue as soon as possible.

Rent schedule. In order to make this easier to follow and avoid having to pay an extra month’s rent, please use this chart as a guide:
Submit by February 28th to move out on April 30th
Submit by March 31st to move out on May 31st
Submit by April 30th to move out on June 30th

Residence Life Updates and Resources

Virtual Yoga.  On Fridays we have an ongoing yoga class from 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. and on Saturday’s beginning on March 13th we’ll have an Introduction to Yoga class from 10:00 – 11:00 am. Registration for Saturday Yoga at http://uoft.me/sfhevents.

Take Part in the UofT Equity Survey. You’re invited to participate in the U of T Student Equity Census: a five-minute demographic questionnaire that asks undergraduate and graduate students about gender identity, sexual orientation, Indigeneity, race and ethnicity, and more.

Complete the U of T Student Equity Census 

(UTORid login required) 

Your answers will help us understand our student body, and whether U of T is adequately engaging and supporting students from diverse backgrounds – particularly those who have been historically underrepresented.  As ALL students participate, the University will be able to more significantly advance equity-efforts within our community and throughout the student experience. 

To learn more, visit the U of T Student Equity census web page.  

Virtual Bulletin Board. To find out what’s going on in our building, campus and community, watch our virtual bulletin board for up-to-date information.

RA Contact Info and Office Hours. If you’d like to meet with your RA, please visit them during their daily Zoom office hours, or contact them to arrange an online meeting. 

Family Care Office Updates

If paying fees to the University of Toronto Students Union (UTSU) or to the Association of Part-time Students Union (APUS), and have had childcare expenses from September 2020 to March 2021, please consider applying for the Dollar for Childcare (Daycare) grant. Available to St. George students only. Application deadline: Monday March 1st, 2021.

CIE Events

Every Wed & Thurs: It’s not too late to join the Language Exchange Program! 

Intercultural Teaching Circle for TAs.  TATPCIE, and Academic Success are partnering on a conversational program called “Intercultural Teaching Circles”, directed at both domestic and international teaching assistants (TAs). The goal is for these TAs to discuss and co-create intercultural communication strategies as they pertain to inclusive teaching and learning practices.

The dates of the teaching circles are:

  • Wednesday, February 24th, 1pm – 2pm EST
  • Wednesday,  March 31st, 1pm – 2pm EST
  • Wednesday, April 28th, 1pm – 2pm EST
  • Wednesday, May 26th, 1pm – 2pm EST

Note: We will also offer drop-in hours on these days at 9am EST for students situated in different time zones.

Follow this link to self-enroll in the program: https://q.utoronto.ca/enroll/LT746M and please contact Yaseen Ali you have any questions at yaseen.ali@utoronto.ca

In addition, the CIE’s Winter Wellness Challenge is taking place from now until March 14th to encourage international students to try different wellness activities. All students can participate and have the chance to win a $50 gift certificate towards the wellness activity of their choice. 

Graduate Student Life Events

Optimize your Graduate Student Experience Week: Connect and Thrive as you Work Remotely  

March 8-12, 2021 

GRADS: Join your graduate peers for a week of virtual workshops and events and learn ways to thrive personally and academically as you work from home.

Sessions include practicing talking to new people online, learning tools for being productive from home and facilitating teams remotely. Connect with your graduate peers. Space is limited. 

 uoft.me/grad-week-21 Register for all sessions via CLNX. Offered in partnership with Academic Success, and U of T’s Poet in Community program.

 Monday, March 8 Build your Productivity Toolkit to Support Working Remotely as a Graduate Student

Staying on The Path: An Offer from an Indigenous Perspective on Self-Care and Wellness

Tuesday, March 9 Talking to New People Online for Graduate Students 
Wednesday, March 10 9 Ways to Find Community as a Graduate Student While Working from Home
 Thursday, March 11 How to Be a 3D Person in a Flat-Screened World for Graduate Students
 Friday, March 12 How to Facilitate Teams Effectively Online During Graduate School

Virtual Speed Networking for Graduate Students (Finale)