April 30, 2021

April 30, 2021

Weekly updates for Student Family Housing residents:

Residence Office and Admissions.

This a friendly reminder that the office is closed to the public during the pandemic to reduce health risks to residents and staff. We are still here to help, but for the health and safety of all, please do not come to our offices unless instructed to do so by a staff member. Office staff will not be answering the door unless an appointment has been arranged. For assistance, please call the Residence Office on 416-978-8304 or charles.street@utoronto.ca.

For eligibility concerns or lease information please contact the Admissions at 416-978-8049 or apply.familyhousing@utoronto.ca.

If you need to deliver cheques, forms and notices please use the secure drop box outside of the Residence Office – suite 102. If you are not sure please call or email ahead of time. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this health emergency and stay safe.

Security. Our Security staff continue to be available 24/7 via phone at 416-729-1592. If your security concern requires any type of follow up, please leave the guard a phone number to contact you, to avoid face-to-face interactions where possible. In lieu of confronting fellow residents directly about apartment conflicts, noise, etc., residents are urged to call Security for the safety of all involved, especially at this time.

Locker Access Hours. In order to balance the tasks Security is responsible for and optimize their presence in the buildings, there have been a few changes to the locker access times.  Please take a moment to review the following updated schedule of locker access times, and share it with your family members:

Mondays: 7pm – 11pm
Tuesdays: 5pm – 11pm
Wednesdays: 7pm – 11pm
Thursdays: 7pm – 11pm
Fridays: 7pm – 11pm
Saturdays: 5pm – 11pm
Sundays: 5pm – 11pm

Security can be contacted at 416-729-1592.  Depending upon demand at that time, there could be a short wait for locker access; please take this into consideration when making arrangements.

Residence Reminders and Updates

Reporting COVID-19. Families are reminded to review the University of Toronto’s procedures for reporting COVID-19 symptoms and confirmed cases. Cases should be reported to the University to ensure that appropriate health and safety protocol can take place.

Booking Vaccines. This week the City of Toronto partnered with Vaccine Hunters Canada to help promote clinics across the city. Check regularly on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/vaxhunterscan) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/VaxHuntersCan) for real-time updates on vaccine availability across the city. For clinics targeted to our location, search “M4Y” on these sites regularly. Also, the City of Toronto vaccination website will be updated regularly to reflect the changing eligibility criteria for vaccination.

Parcels in LobbyWe’ve recently been having issues with couriers (amazon, etc.) leaving parcels in the lobby in lieu of door-to-door delivery. Security works to deter them, but it continues to happen. If you’re expecting a parcel, please set a delivery alert so you can either directly retrieve it, or ask a friend to do so. If you’re not at home, consider using a pickup point – there are several in the area that most couriers will use. The Residence Office is working to prevent this from happening, and is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Refund Policy for Dysfunctional Laundry Cards. The Residence Office has recently received numerous complaints regarding faulty laundry cards.  We’d like to remind residents that when loading money onto your card to carefully insert and remove the card from the machine. Please ensure that the card is inserted slowly and gently.  Quickly inserting or removing can cause cards to become disabled.

As we explore approaches to improve the sensitivity of our card readers, we are encouraging residents to please limit the amount of money loaded on the card. As of April 12, 2021, the Residence Office will be refunding a maximum of $10.00 for faulty laundry cards. Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Residence Office staff; if we feel a resident is abusing this policy by deliberately damaging their cards, a refund may not be given.

Rent schedule. In order to make this easier to follow and avoid having to pay an extra month’s rent, please use this chart as a guide:
Submit by May 31st to move out on July 31st
Submit by June 30th to move out on August 31st
Submit by July 31st to move out on September 30th

Residence Life Updates and Resources

Uoft has issued the following statement on the COVID-19 crisis in India: https://global.utoronto.ca/vice-president-internationals-statement-on-the-covid-19-crisis-in-india/. Our thoughts are with our Indian and Indo-Canadian families and staff members at this time.

Thanks to everyone that participated in our winter virtual events; stay tuned for more updates on great events and initiatives coming this spring!

Upcoming UofT Programming. Spring Tune Up Yoga Series!

Do you feel like moving a little more?  Are you just starting yoga or maybe haven’t practiced in a while?  It’s all good. This class is for anyone who’d like the chance to stretch, strengthen and tune into the breath. This 5-week series is open to everyone.

Register Here for the Zoom Link

Starts May 4th 6PM-7PM

Writing and Wellness Meet Up for Grad Students

Do you need to write this summer? Want to do it together? Create & Connect is a virtual writing meet up for graduate students. In each class we will:

  • Get to know one another and our writing goals.
  • Engage in creative writing exercises to spark creative thinking for the work ahead.
  • Write independently, together!
  • Take a short movement break such as gentle yoga, mindful walking, or mindful movement.
  • Connect at the end in small groups at talk about how the writing is going

This workshop is open to graduate students only. Students from all departments welcome.

Dates: May 19th, 26th, June 2, 9, 16 – 5 weeks

Time: 5:30-7:30pm

Place: Zoom


Feel Good Friday Meditation Breaks!

The weekend is almost here!  Let’s get through Friday together. Join graduate students from across many academic departments as they lead a variety of mindfulness meditations.

We know you are busy so late arrivals and early departures are not a problem. All students, faculty and staff across all campuses are welcome to join us. 

Register and Zoom details will be emailed to you.  By registering you also get those handy reminders that help us keep our commitments to ourselves.

Cameras can be on or off, whatever works best for you.
Practices are secular.

4 Weeks – Starts April 30th 12-1PM

Register Here :

***Remember to register for each week so you get those reminders 🙂

Take some time to check out the great upcoming workshops from the Family Care Office!

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RA Contact Info and Office Hours. If you’d like to meet with your RA, please visit them during their daily Zoom office hours, or contact them to arrange an online meeting.