Policy On Visitors VS. Unauthorized Occupants

Please note that this is a University of Toronto residence intended for students with a spouse and/or children. This means that one of the people residing in each apartment must be a registered full-time student or postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto.

  • We DO permit families to have visitors. Friends or family visiting you for several days up to one month is permissible under our tenant lease; however,
  • We do NOT permit tenants to share their apartment with friends or family members or rent out their apartment to people not listed on the lease. This is not permitted, regardless of whether money is paid for the housing arrangement or not.

For residents who will be having a visitor for longer than two consecutive days, in advance of your visitor’s arrival, you must complete a Visitor Registration/Request form in the Residence Office. Also, you will need to purchase a key fob for your visitor(s) for the period outlined in your request.

The Residential Tenancies Act does not apply to the University residences in a number of ways. Having the authority to maintain the apartments for the student families on the lease is one of the ways in which we are different than a private apartment building off-campus.

Problems with unauthorized occupants and subletting include:

1. Overcrowding – this means you have more than the legal number of people allowable to live in the space you rent. According to the City of Toronto by-laws, this is a fire safety breach.

2. Utility overuse – this means that the building utilities are being used at a greater rate to accommodate an increase in the building population. With more than the allowable number of people in our buildings, we use more power and water than necessary, which means that you and all other tenants pay higher rents to cover the increase in utility charges.

3. Community Safety and Security – when we have people living in our buildings that are not members of our community, they do not know and do not follow the rules and regulations outlined in the tenant lease and tenant hand book.

Also, these individuals are not known to the residents and staff of these buildings. This is a serious safety concern to the many tenants and children living in these buildings. Having strangers/unauthorized occupants compromises the safety of all of our community.

It is common for us to encounter families who wish to extend a helping hand to a friend, a cousin, friend of the family, etc, by permitting them to live in the apartment after they arrive in Toronto so that they can look around for work, get settled, then look for housing.

This is not permitted even when no money is taken.

Please think of this as being much like a single student dormitory. You would not be permitted to accommodate someone if you lived in a single student dormitory, and neither should you do so here.

If you believe strongly that you have to share your apartment with friends, extended family members, or intend to rent out a room/apartment to others, please note that you will be breaking the terms of your lease and you will then be subject to eviction.