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Monthly rent at 30 & 35 Charles Street West:

The monthly rent amount includes heat, hot water, electricity, and a fridge and stove.

These rents increase on September 1st each year for all residents in 30 & 35 Charles Street. There is no daily or weekly rate available as this residence is long-term only.

Rent Increases

The Resident covenants to pay the rent to the Landlord, in the manner set out in Section 3 (of the lease) without any deduction whatsoever.

The rent at Charles Street Student Family Housing is subject to a rent increase for all units on September 1st of each year, the amount of which is given to residents three months prior to the increase taking effect. Note that tenants are required to add this rental increase amount to your last months’ rent deposit by submitting a cheque to the Residence Office in September when the rent increase occurs. This ensures that the rent deposit on file is the correct amount to be used for your last month of tenancy once you give notice to vacate.

Tenants are required to sign an annual N11 form once they have provided documentation of their full-time status for continued eligibility.

Rent at the Huron-Sussex Student Family Housing is likewise subject to an annual rent increase once every 12 months. Residents will be notified three months in advance of the increase date with the details of the amount.

Are You Preparing to Pay First and Last Months’ Rent?

This is a deposit to hold the apartment for you once you have accepted the offer. Once you pay the deposit, you have committed to take the apartment, so please be certain you like the apartment before accepting.

Please note you will need to pay a service charge to send the deposit by certified cheque or money order. Personal cheques are not accepted for this initial deposit.

Any and all service charges by your bank and/or the University’s for processing bank drafts, certified cheques and money orders will be your responsibility to pay as the incoming tenant.

Wiring funds is not recommended as the service charges can be considerable once the transfer of funds has been arranged, as multiple charges may be applied by both banks. Any and all such charges will be required to be paid by the incoming tenant, whether they are very low or in excess of $100 Cdn.

Wiring also can create a delay if the receiving bank experiences difficulty tracing and confirming the funds for us.  This might mean the incoming tenant family cannot move in until we are able to confirm that we have received the money for first and last month’s rent.

Are You Sending Money From Abroad?

Note that if you send foreign funds, the interest rate may fluctuate by the time that money is deposited into our Canadian account. For example, it could mean that the value of your $987 USD certified cheque may end up being worth $1,307 CAD once we receive it. Your best bet is to purchase a bank draft or money order in Canadian funds, so you know that you have paid the deposit in full.

Financial Assistance

For those student families experiencing financial difficulty, please go to U of T’s Financial Aid website or to your registrar’s office to speak to someone about the possibility of receiving financial assistance in the form of a loan, bursary or scholarship.

For Info about CoVid-19 Financial Assistance please see message: 
Resident Correspondence Archive – New Info On Funding Resources!

Rent Due Dates

Please be aware that rent is due in full on the first of each month and we are unable to accommodate late payment schedules. If you rely on OSAP or other external funding that comes semi-annually, this may pose a challenge for you unless you are able to arrange to pay lump sums of several months’ rent in advance.

When students have chosen to leave their rent unpaid, they have unfortunately run the risk of being evicted, because this residence is self-funded. Transfer applicants are refused a transfer if they have not been paying their rent by the first day of each month.

The University does not subsidize this residence – the rent residents pay covers ongoing building maintenance and expenses, so rent must be paid promptly.