Have You Accepted an Apartment at Charles Street West or Huron-Sussex Student Family Housing Residences?

You now need to plan your move!

1. Pay the Deposit and Submit All Documentation

You need to submit all the required documentation outlined in the apartment offer letter for eligibility approval. Once approval has been confirmed, you must submit your first and last month’s rental deposit in the form of a certified cheque, money order, bank draft, or wired funds within 48 hours. Otherwise, the apartment offer will be withdrawn.

2. Confirm the Move in Date

Often applicants will ask if they can move in earlier than the first of the month. Units undergoing renovations are as a rule completed for the first of the month.

However, should you require a move in date prior to this, please send an email to Residence Office and provide us with your name, the building and unit you have accepted, and the desired move in date. You need to send these details at least 4 weeks in advance.

Your request will be reviewed and then you will be advised if it is approved. The cost for an early move in before the first of the month is prorated at the daily rate based on the size of the unit and the month. The additional rent will be calculated by the Residence Office and it is payable by cheque to the University of Toronto before the move in date.

If you have any questions about early move ins, please contact us.

3. Book your Elevator

This is crucial to being able to move in on the desired date since the elevators are subject to high demand, especially during the busy summer months.

4. Make sure you and/or Movers arrive with your Moving Truck/Moving Crate, ready to unload your belongings.

We CANNOT accept and store moving crates or other packages/objects. We do NOT have space or facilities to accommodate this type of request.