Huron Sussex Student Family Housing

The university offers a small number of apartment units in the Huron-Sussex area of the St. George Campus behind Robarts Library.

Huron Sussex Units

Main floor, large one bedroom, 690-900 square foot apartments that are located in houses. They offer student couples, and students with a child, the option of living at the west end of campus in a house.

Generally Included
Air Conditioning, Dishwasher, Laundry Facilities

Most units range between $1,469-$1,700 including utilities, depending on size.

Next Vacancy Date

As with 30 & 35 Charles St West, eligible applicants are to be full time undergraduate and graduate students, living common law or married, and/or with 1 dependent child.

Huron Sussex Faculty Housing

There is nothing currently available for students with families.

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