Who is Eligible?

Admission to 30 & 35 Charles St West is restricted to:
University of Toronto students actively registered and enrolled full-time each Fall and Winter term pursuing a degree who:

(1) Are living full time with a spouse/common-law partner  
(2) Have custody of one or two children

We may also consider postdoctoral fellows and postgraduate medical trainees with a family if there is more than enough housing available to meet the demand by degree student families. First priority must go to student families in a degree program.

Single Students?

Single degree students have many options on the St. George campus and off-campus. For more information visit the Housing Services website.

Is Priority Given to Anyone?

Priority during the summer months and September is given to international students applying from a considerable distance. We appreciate the added challenge faced by students living outside the country.

Priority for two bedroom apartments is given to students with children.

As indicated above, we will also consider postdoctoral fellows and postgraduate medical trainees with a family, depending on the availability of housing. First priority, though, must go to student families in a degree program.

Information About Moving Out

When you complete your degree requirements and are eligible to graduate, or if you take leave or otherwise fail to be registered full time in a degree program, you need to move out 2 months after that change in registration status. For example, if you are an undergraduate student, once you have completed your final exams in your last year of study, and/or submitted any final papers, you would submit 2 months notice at the end of that month.

Lived Here Before? Hoping to Reapply?

Please note that we will consider all applicants and welcome former residents to re-apply. However, access to student residence is not an automatic right, and prior residents with a history of arrears, damages, subletting, or significant conflict or  disturbance will unfortunately not be permitted to re-enter student family residence.

How Large Can My Family Be and Still Qualify for Student Family Housing?

Apartments at Charles Street are not well-suited to accommodate a family with three or more children. Instead, students are encouraged to look at University of Toronto at Mississauga townhouses, or off-campus housing through the Housing Services.

These units are also not intended for siblings, cousins, or other variations of extended family member combinations.

*Please Note! Student families are not permitted to share their apartment with others not listed on the lease, either to offset their rent (aka Subletting) or to assist someone by permitting them to live with you while they look for a job, or finish a course, or whatever else that reason might be. These are University of Toronto student residences, not off-campus apartment buildings.

Rules About Special Tenancies

According to the Residential Tenancies Act:
Some tenants do not have the right to assign their tenancy or sublet; for example, a tenant who lives in housing provided by an educational institution where the tenant is a student.
Unauthorized Occupancy and Subletting are Forbidden

Documenting Eligibility

In order to prove that you fulfill the eligibility requirements of the residence, you will be required to provide us with the following:

Academic Status: Proof of Current Registration in an eligible full time U of T degree program (bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral degree). This can wait until we have an apartment to offer you if you are applying prior to receiving an offer of Admission to the University of Toronto.

What is the difference between enrollment and registration? To enroll, you add courses; to register, you pay your tuition and incidental fees, or register without payment (defer fees). You are considered registered as soon as you have paid tuition and incidental fees or have requested to register without payment (i.e. fee deferral). Both are essential processes for every undergraduate and graduate student at the University of Toronto.

Financial Status: Applicants should plan how they will document their ability to pay rent in full and on time. You can request a letter from your Financial Advisor or Registrar confirming that you can afford to pay the rent for your request type of housing, along with your other financial expenses.

It is helpful to document scholarships, OSAP, other financial assistance, other income, and if possible a written reference from a previous landlord that you have a good tenant history.

Please be aware that rent is due in full on the first of each month and we are unable to accommodate late payment schedules. If you rely on OSAP or other external funding that comes semi-annually, this will be problematic for you unless you are able to arrange pay lump sums of several months’ rent in advance. There are no fee deferrals.

Family/Marital Status:

  • Marriage Certificate for a married couple, plus proof that you are and will be living together.
  • An affidavit testifying that you have been in a common-law relationship for at least one year.
  • PLUS either a shared bank account, shared credit card, or shared utility bills, insurance policy or proof of engagement.
  • Single Parents must show proof that they have majority custody of the child/children (a minimum of 50% of the time the child(ren) will be living with them) – separation/divorce/custody papers, birth registration papers, child support paperwork. If you cannot provide adequate documentation of custody, we cannot offer you Family Housing.
  • Students applying for two bedroom apartments will need to show children’s birth certificate(s) or medical document of baby’s due date.

Spouse/Partner and/or Child(ren) must be living with the student on a full-time basis and proof of this is required.

If your spouse/child(ren) are not living in Toronto, you will need to show that they are leaving their current job/school and vacating their current residence to come live with you.

In cases where family members are out of country, the student MUST provide visa documents and airline tickets for the family members showing they will be coming long-term to live with you before we can offer an apartment. We are unable to permit single students to rent apartments in Family Housing.