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All residents at Family Housing are members of the Tenants' Association. The Tenants' Association is led by an executive board, the Tenants' Executive, which is elected at an annual general meeting of the tenants. Any adult tenant, whether they are U of T student, or a partner of a student, is eligible to run for a position in the Tenants' Executive.

Role of the Tentants' Executive (TE)

The TE aims to work cooperatively with management while advocating for resident interests such as affordable rent, building safety, and community & recreation. They hold quarterly meetings with the rest of the Tenants' Association to encourage residents to raise their concerns and suggestions and meet with Management at least every other month to raise those resident concerns. Management informs the TE of major developments and upcoming projects in the buildings. The TE communicates this information to residents and gathers feedback for management.

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  • We are currently coordinating a drop-off site for FoodShare,Toronto's Good Food Box program. The program allows residents to order a box of fresh, local produce for an affordable price. Delivery happens every two weeks for pickup in one of our two buildings at Charles Street. You can find out who to contact on our Facebook page and on the Tenants' Association bulletin boards near the elevators of 30 and 35 Charles Street West.
  • Advocated strongly against significant rent increases proposed by the university. While a 2009 opposition to a 3% increase was unsuccessful, the TE was successful in opposing a 6% increase a few years earlier.
  • Organized an official noise complaint to the city against night-time deliveries to Rabba’s, Manulife, and Shoppers Drug Mart (2008). In that year the TE also created the Tenants' Association Family Housing Facebook Group ( to further engage residents.
  • Actively opposed the Blu condo development behind 30 CSW (2007). Although this was unsuccessful, a relationship was established with the construction company which allows the TE to communicate with the crew about residents’ concerns regarding working hours, noise levels, and other disruptions.
  • Improving the safety of the playground behind 35 CSW is one current initiative.