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Tenants Association


The Tenants Association 

All residents at Family Housing are members of the Tenants Association. The Tenants Association is led by an executive board, the Tenants Executive, which is elected at an Annual General Meeting. Find out more about our role, activities and advocacy.


Attend one of the Tenant Association meetings. These meetings are held quarterly and are advertised through the Facebook group and postings.

Stay Informed

Watch the bulletin boards in the lobbies of 30 and 35 Charles St W. The TE post information regarding upcoming meetings and activities, as well as issues that may affect you as a resident. If you have questions or comments for us, please contact us at  and we'll make every effort to respond promptly.

Facebook Group

There are currently over 200 members participating in our Tenants' Association online forum. Members of the group ask questions about family life and the area, and share tips regarding pest control, child care, and noise complaints, among other things. The Tentants Executive (TE) members regularly check in on the group and respond to questions and concerns that are posted.

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