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Residence Life, Education & Communication

Who We Are

The Residence Life Education & Communication Team is made up of one full-time Residence Life Coordinator, Education & Communication, and seven part-time Residence Advisors. Charles St. Student Family Housing is divided into seven communities, each with its own Residence Advisor, who is a resident of Student Family Housing and a U of T student.

Residence Advisor email addresses and office hours

Please follow this link for contact details and office hours of each RA.

When to Contact Us

We are here to help!  We encourage you to contact us if:

  • You have any questions/concerns about life at Student Family Housing.
  • You could use support with a difficulty you are facing in your life.
    • We can help you deal with challenges by referring you to appropriate resources and professional services offered by U of T and the wider community.
    • Information you share with us will be treated with the utmost respect and will not be released to other residents or members of the public; if necessary, information may be shared with other staff.

How to Contact Us

1. By email (see chart above)
2. By phone during office hours (see chart above)
3. In person in the Residence Life Centre during office office hours, located in 209, 35 Charles St. West.
4. In person in the Residence Life Centre by appointment (please email an RA to arrange an appointment)

Residence Life Newsletters

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